• 1 Goalkeeper (GK)
  • 4 Defenders(DF)
  • 4 Midfielders(MD)
  • 2 Attackers(AT)


    Start with 50,000,000.


  • Clean Sheet 5 points for each GK or DF.
  • Clean Sheet 2 points for each MD.
  • Goal scored by GK/DF 5 points
  • Goal scored by MD 4 points
  • Goal scored by AT 3 points
  • Any goals conceded -1 point per goal conceded for GK and DFs
  • Red Card -5 points
  • All scores are reset at the start of each new Game Month.


    Are permitted at any time but you are limited to 4 for each Game Month and these will only take effect at 14:45 every Saturday.


    At the end of each Game Month the top scoring manager will receive the prize of that month. The first Game Month prize is 100 cash. If there is a tie the prize will be split if this is possible. If not, a tie breaker will come into force. The first tie breaker will be the number of goals scored and if required the second tie breaker will be the earliest time of joining the league.

    The prize fund will be announced at the start of each Game Month. The prize will be determined by the number of new entrants and or other sponsorship providers commitements.


  • For a player to be entitled to clean sheet points they must play at least 45 minutes
  • Any player who plays any part of the match is liable for goals conceded. Unused Subs will NOT be liable.
  • Goals are allocated by the experts at ESP Software in circumstances where there is some doubt to the goalscorer.
  • Entries to the competition can be done at any time but will only score points after their entry has been successfully made.
  • Only the players listed on the web site may be selected.
  • Abandoned matches will not count.
  • Game Months run from 31st August to 30th September, each calendar month for October, November, December, January, February, March and the finale runs from the 1st of April to 30th May 2003.
  • All time references refer to time in the UK.
  • Any reference to real players or teams is done merely on the basis of stat providers.
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  • Prizes will only be made to citizens of and residing in the United Kingdom.
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